The referendum on Scottish Independence takes place in under a week,. Whatever the eventual result on 18 September 2014, the real result is already known. The United Kingdom is sliding inexorably towards break-up.

The rot set in as the British Empire declined in power and scope, and it could conceivably result in Scotland leaving the United Kingdom, and becoming a member of the Commonwealth in its own right.

This is emblematic of the declining British Empire on the international stage.

It is ironic that the increasingly powerful former British colony, the USA, has historically been more aware of Irish separatism. However, it is this overseas market which has arguably given the Scots the confidence to consider going it alone.

The ‘Head vs. Heart’ argument which has become increasingly repeated over recent weeks is a more subtle one than initially considered. Many have said that the Scots, if their heart ruled their head, would vote for independence. However, if their head ruled their heart, they would seek to remain a key component part of the UK.

However, this argument could be flipped. If Scotland used its head, it could well stand alone as a successful country. However, this would require a sophisticated fiscal policy which attracts high growth, future focussed businesses – for example within the Tech sector. This would require investment in both the education of the Scottish populous, as well as in IT Infrastructure. At that point, the relative geographical weakness of the northernmost country of the British Isles would be obviated, at least to a partial extent.

However, it’s heartbreaking to see the UK slide further towards breakup.

Ireland, the country which has had most secessionist aspirations in the last century or so, will have a significant proportion of its population unhappy that it is Scotland who have forged the opportunity to become an independent state first.

Wales will also look hard in the mirror. However I hope that we realise that we have even less of the requisite financial expertise than do the Scots.

In any event, regardless of the eventual outcome of the 18 September vote in Scotland, the UK  has become an Ever Looser Union.

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